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Composer, Orchestrator, Arranger, Keyboardist & Producer
Welcome to my home on the web. Here you'll find information about my music,
life & interests - food, wine, art, coffee, cycling & any number of other sundry things.
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"The Stradband"
18 piece Jazz Orchestra
Next apprearances:

Sunday March 18th 7 - 10 PM at
The Gate to the Mediterranean in Encino.
Sunday April 29th, 11AM - 2:30 PM at
The Lighthouse in Hermosa Beach
Join us for the finest in big band Jazz,
great food, and a good time!
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19 Years of Globes & 13 Years of SAGs!
2012 marks Geoff's 17 year anniversary
arranging music and playing keyboards for the
Golden Globe Awards, and his 11th the year on the SAG Awards.

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Geoff just completed a comission for the Azusa University Jazz Band - "That's Gotta Hurt!" Let's hope they win some festivals with this one!
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Synthogy's Ivory Upright Pianos hits the market. Demos of Maple Leaf Stride and Eventually by yours truly. "Eventually" features music from the CD Les Is Mo'. Try these piano samples, they're stunning.
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Samba Brassiliero and Scheherazade big band arrangements from Wayne Bergeron's CD
Plays Well With Others
Now available as pdf downloads in
The Company Store
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Geoff's CD Les Is Mo' is available on
Origin Records.
Click on the CD cover (above right) or here.
"The compositions are nearly flawless. Stradling is an excellent player, with an excellent band,
and some fine composing abilities.
Absolutely worth a listen.
-Adam Greenberg (All Music Guide)

Les Is Mo'


Is that a word? Well it should be!

Strad arranges for the Academy Awards! Watch the show and listen for the big Cirque du Soliel number.

Killer score on The Smurfs by Heitor Pereira. Great big box office to go with it too - way to go Heitor!

A 54 piece string section and 15 brass made Your Highness big fun to work on. Steve Jablonsky's ectectic and esoteric score gave me a chance to do a little aleatoric writing. The brass players definitely had fun!

Three movies opened summer 2010- Prince of Persia: "The Sands of Time", with great music by Harry Gregson-Williams. A Nightmare on Elm Street with scary, scary sounds from Steve Jablonsky, and Shrek Forever After, another fantastic Harry score.

opened and killed! Now at $373 million worldwide. Yikes! Harry did it again with brilliant and emotional music. Orchestrations by Geoff,
Ladd McIntosh., and Jennifer Hammond.

Beverly Hill Chihuahua has become the designated baby sitter for many families, graced by an emotional and highly rhythmic score from Heitor Pereira.
Geoff orchestrated with Ladd.

Prince Caspian with brilliant music from composer Harry Gregson-Williams did well at the box office and is probably entertaining many a child at home as well.

Geoff worked on The Simpsons Movie for composer Hans Zimmer, and old friend Bruce Fowler
who was the lead orchestrator.

Desperate Housewives got a bit of
orchestration help from yours truly.

Shrek The Third , The Number 23 and Flushed Away
are all available on DVD.
Blood and Wine plays on cable.

©2008 Geoff Stradling